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A new Joseph T. McFadden novel:

A Hooker in the Choir

by Joseph T. McFadden

A Hooker in the Choir

adiant in the morning light shafting down through the gloomy nave, Celeste Howard sang with joyous ease, her voice soaring into the vaulted heights of old St. Paul's church. Seated in the last pew, John Colburn leaned back and watched her profile in the distant choir facing the lectern, the long blond hair curling down to her waist, the amber half-glasses down her nose, the songbook open in her hands. Serenely devout, brainy, poised, he thought. And he thought of angels and he thought of women. If only he could prove himself worthy of her, poor lonesome widow, defending herself against evil encroaching from every direction upon her purity and grief. She had described her life to him, how wariness and care and precious memories made it so easy to hold all the eager men at bay. Then she asked, won't you come and hear me sing on Easter morning? And after a hesitation, her eyes level in his gaze, she raised him above all others at the moment with a teasing promise: You just might prove to be my resurrection...

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